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Tyrol: 4-days road-trip

At the corner of SwitzerlandLiechtensteinAustria and Italy is the beginning of the beautiful Tyrol region, and the mysterious lake Reschensee (or lake Resia). This road-trip leaving and returning from Lyon, France, will have you cross four different countries, offer you incredible views and exhilarating drives.

On each of these locations, you should be able to find very decent rooms for under 50 €/night on AirBnB.

Day 1: Lyon, France – Luzern, Switzerland

Luzern, Switzerland

Departing Lyon around 10:00 am, take the highway all the way to Bern. You will have to stop at the Swiss border to purchase a pass for the Swiss motorway (35,50 €), but that will save you a little bit of driving time.

Once arrived in Bern, exit the highway and follow the smaller roads all the way to Luzern. It’s a beautiful, and mostly easy, drive through the Bernese Alps.

You should be able to reach Luzern around 4:00 pm which will give you ample time to walk around the old town and climb up on the fortified walls to admire the views from above.

Day 2: Luzern, Switzerland – Burgusio, Italy

Enjoy a nice breakfast, since there’s a lot of driving ahead! Today: no highway!!! From Luzern, head toward Liechtenstein. Plan on arriving in Vaduz, the capital around lunch time. Again, it’s quite an easy drive through beautiful mountain sceneries, before arriving in the Principality.

Vaduz Castle, Liechtenstein

After a walk around what might be one of the smallest capital in the world, you will soon cross through the Austrian part of Tyrol while you head toward Reschensee. You will go through a 15 km tunnel… it’s longer than the famous Mont-Blanc tunnel, expect to pay a 10 € fee at the exit.

There is a parking lot near the immersed Campanile and depending on how high the lake is, you might be able to walk around the tower. Do not forget you camera!

Lake Resia, Italy

I chose to stay in Burgusio, a small village only 15 minutes south of Resia. However, any small village in the mountains will offer wonderful views and hospitality in this region of Italy where people actually speak… german!

Day 3: Burgusio, Italy – Bergamo, Italy

If you think you’ll be in Italy for the rest of the trip, you cannot be more wrong… Because as soon as you’re ready to tackle today’s drive, you’re shortly going to pass the border of Switzerland again. Avoid highways and tunnels. Take the road less traveled.

This is a more challenging drive up and down mountain passes. If you head toward Saint Moritz, after passing the famous resort, you will tackle the Majola Pass… and if you love driving, this will bring tears of joy.

Majola Pass, Switzerland

You will also drive along the lake Como, which is always and incredible experience. If you arrive in Bergamo around 4:00 pm you’ll have enough time to walk around the old town and enjoy a well deserved aperitivo.

Bergamo, Italy

Day 4: Bergamo, Italy – Lyon, France

Enjoy your Italian morning and after all these driving efforts over the last few days, take the highway back to France. It’s approximately a five and half hours drive. Between Fréjus or Mont-Blanc, you can choose which tunnel to take back through the Alps. They are priced exactly the same (45,20 €). We prefer the Fréjus tunnel, but it only saves about 10 km.

This 4-days escapade in Tyrol is a perfect time-out for the lovers of the open roads and the mountain goers. I recommend doing it between mid-April and mid-October, when the weather conditions are optimal.

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