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Airstream in Coos Bay

The Airstream experiment

Between a few appointments in San Francisco, CA and the World Domination Summit in Portland, OR, I decided to take my work on the road for a few days, to visit the coasts of northern California and Oregon. When you’re on the road, you need to be ready to work from pretty much any location. Enters the Airstream Experiment.

I am a planner. As much as I like adventure and never say no a to road-trip, I like to have a little bit of an idea of where I’m going to sleep that night. I guess it gives me a goal in my driving, a destination. As I was planning for a couple of stops between San Francisco and Portland, the opportunity knocked to sleep in a vintage Airstream, in a RV camp of the Coos Bay area. As the fan of tiny houses and everything minimalist that I am, I couldn’t say no. So, how do you live and work from the Silver Bullet trailer? Pretty well, my friends, pretty well…

A day in a RV Camp: the Airstream experiment

First of all, I need to give all the credit due to Oceanside Beachfront RV Resort. I arrived around 5:00 pm, a wee bit tired from driving all day, and they welcomed me with a huge smile and… cookies. It was so thoughtful, it warmed my heart and immediately made me feel at home.

This home, I nicknamed The Silver Bullet, was a vintage Airstream set at the beginning of the resort, close to the shared bathroom and the reception desk, flanked with a picnic table and only a few minutes walk, across the RV park, from the beach.

Airstream Inside
Inside the Silver Bullet

First surprise: the trailer sleeps up to three people. Coworking anyone? It has its private bathroom and shower, a small fridge, a microwave oven and air-conditioning (oh the US). Definitely all you need to spend a bit more than just one night on site. And the WiFi is excellent on the camp ground. I was able to put in a couple of hours of work when I arrived and that felt very productive!

After picking up a ginger ale from the well-stocked store at the reception desk, I made my way to the beach for some well-deserved R&R. At 7:30 pm, it’s a barely dusk. There are only a few people taking a walk or packing up their stuff. I put my feet in the Pacific Ocean, sat on the sand, and logged into Instagram. Because, guess what, there’s WiFi on this beach. Oh heaven.

Turns out, that Instagram log-in was going to give a completely unexpected turn to my trip… but that’s another story.

Charleston Beach

Upon the receptionist’s recommendation, I had dinner that night at Miller’s at the Cove, a local sports bar that offers awesome Crab Baja Tacos!

Crab Baja Tacos
Crab Baja Tacos and IPA

The night in the Airstream is something else. As I came back from the bar, I felt that the temperature had dropped quite a bit. I locked all the windows and set myself comfortably under my blanket. Little did I know that I would get up in the middle of the night to get more blankets and a sweater. What did I expect from living in a tin box: it was guaranteed to be excruciatingly hot during the day time and freezing cold at night… Bingo!

But I survived. And it’s with a complimentary coffee in hand (thanks again Oceanside RV Resort, you really rock!) that I hit the road, off to Portland. But not before checking out the tip of the peninsula and Cape Arago. What a wonderful and inspiring way to start the day!

Sunset Bay
Sunset Bay

I must confess, I generally tend to do a 60-40 ratio when I work remotely (60% work, 40% fun) but, the road-trip is not a good formula for that. You spend long hours driving and if you can fit two or three hours of computer screen time, that’s probably the best you’ll achieve. I have no idea if I’ll ever be able to come back to that neck of the woods so I opted for a 20-80 ratio and tried to enjoy my time there as much as I could, while keeping up to date with my projects.

Plus, although the driving time cannot really be considered “productive work”, it’s often a perfect time to brew ideas, to polish a plan of action, or to find inspiration for new projects or new solutions by listening to podcasts… who says that’s not working?

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    1. To be honest, you’re not really “in the middle of nowhere” when you’re in a RV campsite. But it was not crazily populated either, and I have to confess, I enjoyed having all the amenities a “not in the middle of nowhere” place can provide (i.e. wifi…) You’ll have to tell me how your RV experience is! 🙂

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