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Tenerife: one week of remote co-working

When comes December, the weather in Lyon has been on the grey side for a couple of months already, and there’s nothing like packing up our lives and offices for a week (or more) of sunshine before heading toward Holiday season. For the second year in a row, Charlotte and I have been joining the Coworkator team in their winter exile to the Canaries islands, for a week of remote co-working in Tenerife.

office plane
An office in the air

There’s something about traveling: in our culture, it is often synonymous of “vacation”. But let me be very clear, from the get go here. We’re not going away for a vacation… This trip is really about working. Just working from somewhere different and enjoying our new surroundings along the way.

Our home in Tenerife

coworkator house
The Coworkator House

The goal being a change of scenery, understand that the pool and palm trees are a very much welcomed addition to strong WiFi connection and many sockets around the house. The house has five bedrooms (including a gigantic suite), three bathrooms, three living rooms (often turned into office space during the day) and a large and welcoming opened kitchen.

Team Tenerife
Some of team Coworkator in Tenerife

There are 10 of us living there for a week. Web developers, marketers, companies or freelance, we all share the space, the amenities, many adventures and an amazing amount of laughter. The co-working house is good for the soul.

A typical day in Tenerife

I’m an early riser. I would generally be the first one up and enjoy the silence in the house and the sun rising. Around 8:00 am, it’s workout time: zumba, cross fit, tabata workouts are lead by Cécile. Then everyone pretty much spreads around the house and put their head in their laptop.

For Charlotte and I, it’s also the opportunity to discuss the future of RDE Marketing, the new projects to come, the direction we’d like to head, and that, far from the office, far from the daily commute and responsibilities. A much deeper and strategic space. Our community management clients don’t really see the difference, and the students I’m coaching are just a little surprised to see me wearing a t-shirt on our web calls.

I often hear “Have a nice vacation!” at the end of our call. Sometimes it makes me want to scream: “THIS IS NOT A VACATION!!!” but most of the times, it makes me smile. Because, in the end, the work days are over a little earlier, every time we can afford it and we go out and explore the wild sceneries of Tenerife.

Granadilla de Abona

In the evening, residents are socializing over a round of beers or a board game, some participate into making dinner. The sunsets are a great excuse to get out of the house and bring happy hour to the beach.

Arona – Photo credit: Charlotte Fayat

I can’t help myself. I must have dozens of sunset pictures on my phone…

Over the week-end, the activities are taking us a little further out of our house. One co-worker stayed for three weeks, and went up the Teïde volcano every single week. This year, I lead the team road-trip and we headed toward Garachico on the northern side of the island.


At the end of the week, the mood is lifted, the work is done, the vitamin B quota is filled and we’re ready for Christmas carols and re-runs of Love Actually.

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