Travel plans: on the 2018 horizon

2017 was a wonderful year of travels. I covered 17 destinations, in France, in Europe and across the Atlantic ocean. But after ringing the New Year yesterday, it is time now to look at the 2018 travel plans. Where should I go this year? I have a few destinations on my bucket list. Some more […]

Airstream in Coos Bay

The Airstream experiment

Between a few appointments in San Francisco, CA and the World Domination Summit in Portland, OR, I decided to take my work on the road for a few days, to visit the coasts of northern California and Oregon. When you’re on the road, you need to be ready to work from pretty much any location. […]


Dream Destinations | Update

Last year in March, I made a list of the 10 places I wanted to travel to now that I was able to roam the world again. A year and a half later, one of them is becoming a reality (there will be a Postcard from Greece in October) as for the rest… Mont Saint Michel: […]

Postcard from Philadelphia

April was, once again, time for my bi-annual trip to the City of Brotherly Love. I left a cold and rainy Lyon at 5:30 am and made my way to Philly, via Zürich. When I landed in Philadelphia, the weather was summer-like, the trees were in bloom, the terraces were buzzing… I took a good […]