Discovering Dublin

First stop on my journey through Ireland, Dublin was a surprising discovery. I really enjoyed walking around the city’s historic center and I would probably not see any problem spending a little more time there sometime soon. A half-day in Dublin I landed in Dublin airport an hour late. It’s a short flight from Lyon […]

Travel plans: on the 2018 horizon

2017 was a wonderful year of travels. I covered 17 destinations, in France, in Europe and across the Atlantic ocean. But after ringing the New Year yesterday, it is time now to look at the 2018 travel plans. Where should I go this year? I have a few destinations on my bucket list. Some more […]

Isle of Skye

Destinations: Where to next?

It has been several months now that I came back from Argentina. It took me a while to “land”… to stop smiling when I think about where I was and what I saw. One of those destinations definitely worth the investment, if only for the side-effects. But everything, however good they are, must end. And […]


Dream Destinations | Update

Last year in March, I made a list of the 10 places I wanted to travel to now that I was able to roam the world again. A year and a half later, one of them is becoming a reality (there will be a Postcard from Greece in October) as for the rest… Mont Saint Michel: […]