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Alps - Grand Saint Bernard

Road-trip in the Alps: 1 day, 3 countries

There’s something a bit magical in the simple fact of waking-up on a crisp fall morning in the Aosta Valley, bringing your coffee out on the balcony and breathing the pure air of the Alps.

Nuss, Aosta Valley, Italy
Nuss, Aosta Valley, Italy

The Alps in Italy

We had arrived late the previous night, and had to drive the narrow road all the way up to the small village of Nuss, in the outskirt of Aosta. There we met with our host, Alessandro, who took us for a night out “in town” and brought us to his favorite hang out. If you’re picturing anything fancy you cannot be more wrong. But it was a lovely evening and I really enjoyed putting my best efforts into practicing my Italian.

The next morning, we were on our way back to France by way of Switzerland. The Grand Saint-Bernard tunnel was closed at the time and we seized this opportunity to reach the Swiss Alps by climbing up the summit.

The Alps in Switzerland

Grand Saint Bernard
Grand Saint Bernard, Italy/Switzerland

I have spent a lot of time roaming around Switzerland in 2016. The Swiss Alps are one of the most incredible and peaceful sights. I’m a huge fan of its green mountains, glaciers, and gorgeous villages. But the downfall of Switzerland is the price you have to pay, literally, for everything. This time, we chose to play our economy card and only enjoyed the beautiful sights from the car.

The Alps in France

Once back into a more affordable settings, the views of the Geneva lake are no less incredible. And it’s in the town of Evian that we chose to take a lunch break.

Evian France
Evian, France

Evian is a thermal resort with an art deco architectural style and a fancy casino. However, on a Sunday, except for a few tourists strolling along the banks of the lake, it’s a no-man’s land. It proved really difficult to find sustenance, especially since we were a little late for the French lunch-time. We settled for a plain brasserie in the old town, wishing that we had been sitting somewhere with a lake view. But a home-made ice-cream on the way back to the car brought a smile back on our faces. Ice-cream cures everything, right?

Yvoire France
Yvoire, France

The last stop before making it back to Lyon was in the medieval village of Yvoire, also set along the Geneva lake.

window in Yvoire

We were so lucky to have gorgeous weather and incredible fall colors to admire on that road trip. The Alps are such an inspiring setting for landscape photography… I can’t wait to go back a little later in the year and play with their white snow!

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