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Pont du Gard

Postcard from the French Riviera 2

It is a funny and quite interesting experience to travel your own country/region with the eyes of a tourist.

Last week, two of my girlfriends from Philadelphia came to a visit and we packed our suitcases into a small Fiat 500 and hit the road toward South of France. Our first pit-stop should have been Arles, where the famous photography festival: Rencontres d’Arles was taking place. Turns out, the sign for Pont du Gard, on the highway, detoured us for longer than we expected and we never made it to Arles.

I had always wondered about this famous Roman aqueduct, and hoped to see it. And I wasn’t disappointed. It’s absolutely majestic and deserves its place in UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites.

After this unplanned detour we were off to our home-base: Sainte-Maxime, my parent’s residence, a.k.a.: “south central” because of its perfect location, smack in the center of the French Riviera. The girls had Saint-Tropez on their list of places to see so, I sucked it up (trying to let go of three years of high-school misery) and we hit the pretentious little town for dinner.

Saint Tropez, French Riviera
Saint Tropez, French Riviera

Okay. I’ts pretty. Pretentious but pretty. The best part of that night was being reminded of how much I love Soupe de Poissons

We rose early the following day to drive up to the Principality of Monaco. Again, I have not been there in many years and had forgotten how fake it looks. It reminded me of a mix between Disneyland and Universal Studios in Hollywood.


By the way, I’m really curious to see what kind of job Nicole Kidman will do as Princess Grace… Aren’t you?

Final stop that day was Èze, the renowned small medieval village, famous worldwide for the view of the sea from its hill-top.


Our final day in the South of France was spent in Porquerolles, where we visited my parents whom had taken a week-long vacation on their sailboat. Much of the island is now part of a national park and nature conservation area, which means there’s nothing like a post-lunch hike across the island, following the rhythm of the cicada song. As soon as I stepped foot on the island, I knew I had to come back with a typewriter and let my creativity flow in front of an open window on the Mediterranean sea… A girl can dream, right?


This ends our postcard from the French Riviera, part 2…

Many more pictures on the Instagram account!

Next postcard will come from Greece… Can’t wait!

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