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Postcard from Rome

After Amsterdam and Philadelphia, my Adventures in Heels took me, this month, to the wonderful city of Rome, Italy. The occasion? Two Philly friends (one of them being Italian) were getting married in the outskirts of Rome. What better way to visit a new city than, getting together with old friends, meeting up new people and celebrating friendship and love.

Had the French strikes not messed with my trip and allow me the two full days I had planned to visit the city, it would have been the perfect trip. But my time in Rome was cut short so I had to concentrate my running around.

First night in Rome, we roamed around Trastevere and took in the Dolce Vità. My Bed & Breakfast was only across the street from the Vatican. No excuses not to pay a visit. And I was simply flabbergasted with the richness of the Vatican’s art collection.

It was a tight squeeze to see the Spanish Steps, the Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon in only a few hours…

… before leaving the city center for a fairyland location that was a perfect location for our friend’s wedding.

I must confess, I overindulged a little bit on bruschetta, Caprese salad, gelato and Prosecco… but you cannot visit Rome without savoring all its wonderful tastes. Every bite was like a mix of olive oil and sunshine in my mouth. Heaven. I think I fell in love with this city and I can’t wait for another opportunity to visit. This time, with the Coliseum as my number one goal.

Next stop: Santorini and Athens in October, if I don’t get antsy and decide on more adventures between now and then.

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