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Postcard from Philadelphia

April was, once again, time for my bi-annual trip to the City of Brotherly Love. I left a cold and rainy Lyon at 5:30 am and made my way to Philly, via Zürich.

When I landed in Philadelphia, the weather was summer-like, the trees were in bloom, the terraces were buzzing… I took a good breath of that energizing atmosphere and started a two-weeks round of seeing lots of friends, eating lots of food and drinking lots of wine!

I did it all, from enjoying the spring-like weather on Bainbridge Street, to roaming around the Reading Terminal Market and testing new restaurants without forgetting the classics… (grits with everything please!) or playing tourist at Independence Hall.

After enjoying two full weeks of Philadelphia freedom, it felt like I was back in my old life.

But my new life was awaiting, here in Lyon. Time to pack my bags and come home.

Next stop: Playing tourist in Paris, this time, with a Philly friend!

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