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Barcelona: a summer postcard

I had promised cyber-dating expert and my “Twitter friend” @JulieSpira a full and detailed report on my first vacation with the #bf. After 4 happy months of juggling our overly busy work lives with our romantic life, we had found a good groove. Could five days face-to-face in a foreign city break that rhythm and send us back to single-land? How will my overly independent self deal with not having much me-time? Those were the questions that kept popping in my head prior to the trip and that I would brush off according to my new “one day at a time” mentality.

Well, on the romantic side, there is not much to report… The #bf is a good travel companion. We are both walking freaks so we ended-up wandering in the Barcelona streets for hours, checking out neighborhoods and architectural wonders. We shared the same enthusiasm for tapas and sangria; while we agreed that morning runs were indispensable if we wanted to give in to Spanish food. The conversation flow was never broken and if I taught him a bunch about Antoni Gaudí, he returned the favor by introducing me to the fantastic story (and stories) of the FC Barcelona.

Wednesday – We arrived in Barcelona in the late afternoon and decided to take a walk in the Ciutat Vella and the Barrí Gotic, in search of a piece of terrace real estate with pitcher of sangria and a few tapas. The walk was long, the search intense (yep, August in Barcelona, terrace real estate is hard to find), and, stomachs growling, we finally settled on sitting inside. No regret, our first tapas were delicious. And, along the way, we got our first sight at Barcelona’s rich architecture.

Thursday – After an amazing meal the night before, there was no question about starting the day with a good 5K in the city’s empty streets. Great way to check out some places I didn’t even know existed (such as the Parc de la Ciutadella), even after two previous trips to Barcelona.

Passeig Lluis Companys
Morning run on the Passeig Lluís Companys

Friday – The ONE thing I wanted to do during this trip: take the cable car to Montjuïc and figure out what this enchanted hill was all about. Mission accomplished. And it all started with a walk down La Rambla and an American breakfast in Barceloneta.

El Monumento a Colón | Ciutat Vella

Saturday – In order to beat the line we ran our way to the Sagrada Família, early in the morning. Talk about combining exercising and visiting! It was a very good call since we only had a half hour to wait until we can access one of the most impressive piece of architecture I have ever seen in my life. Walking into this basilica is always taking my breath away.

Sagrada Família
Gaudí’s Sagrada Família

Sunday – Day off spent resting, eating and guess what… drinking sangria!

Monday – We were lucky enough to have booked a late flight so we took one more step into Gaudí’s world with the visit of Casa Milà, better known as La Pedrera. Another breathtaking experience: walking along the sky’s limit, surrounded with fantastic creatures on the building roof deck. Simply unforgettable.

Casa Milà - La Pedrera
Casa Milà – La Pedrera

Back in Lyon now, with stars in my eyes and an additional four lbs on my waist line. Going on sangria detox, and slowly starting to clock some work time before I head back South in September with my Philly visitors.

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