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Postcard from Amsterdam

On a cold Easter weekend, three girls headed to Amsterdam by way of Bruxelles.

The ugliness of their tiny (but very well located) hotel room, encouraged them to walk the city, up and down, only stopping along the way to sample the good things this city has to offer: cafés, museums, shopping and very pretty sightseeing.

I must confess, I was afraid that the food would not be the highlight of that trip… but this has nothing to envy to some of the best gourmet stores I have been to.

I had to bring back some of that tasty aged cheddar…

The goal was to keep going when everything was pulling us in a different direction: small walkable downtown but lots of things to see!

And it often felt like the most interesting things were behind windows… or behind shutters…

But that didn’t prevent the wheel of life to keep on spinning and us to catch a ride with it.

Just the sound of a wheel in the gravel
Just the click of a heel in the pavement
Just a moment like any other moment

~Joan Baez

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