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2018 challenge France

Paris: 28 days later

12 months, 12 destinations, 12 photos. iPhone only, no tricks, no material, just a little filter maybe… I will show you how beautiful the world is if you just open your eyes and step outside of your daily routine. Don’t worry no virus or zombies in this edition only a February escapade in Paris, France.

Paris, France

Yet another month where my travels are keeping me quite local, the beginning of the year is a busy time school-wise and my schedule does not allow me to leave for long periods of time. I love being home… but after a while I’m getting cabin fever. So when the opportunity knocked to spend a weekend in Paris, it didn’t take me long to get my butt in the TGV.

Being a nomad, it’s no wonder the reason for my visit was a goodbye party for my friend Flavia, whom packed her bags and moved to London. She tells you all about it in her new blog: Flavia in London! Between dinner parties and visits to friends, I was able to carve a little bit of time to “play tourist”.

Initially, I had my heart set on visiting the Musée d’Orsay. I had been there when I was barely a teenager and it’s one of those place that can always be re-discovered. But, when I woke-up that morning, I was craving a good walk and a bit of bohemian life. Next stop: Pigalles. From there, it’s a straight shoot up the hill, through the narrow streets and stairways of Montmartre, toward the Sacré Coeur.

On the way, I stopped at I love you: the wall, a new mandatory-picture spot in the “city of love” tour. And, since I didn’t have a lover with me to kiss in front of the wall, I drowned my sorrows in crêpes at Rozell Café. And what a treat that was.

With a full heart and a full stomach, there was only one way to go: up! Paris really is a beautiful city, and the view from the Sacré Coeur is really amazing. I took a quick tour of the basilica but was unimpressed. And then I noticed the sign saying “Access to the Dôme”. That’s when I knew I didn’t go up enough and I wouldn’t be satisfied without taking another 300 steps up. So I paid my €6.00 and started climbing.

Maybe it was the rainy Saturday. Maybe it was lunch time. Maybe it was the freezing temperature. Maybe it was the €6.00 entry. I don’t know what it was. But I’m really grateful for it because, I found myself alone, climbing through the stone and slate, on the top of the basilica, on the top of the hill, on the top of Paris. At that moment, I felt like the queen of the world. I was invincible. It was pure magic.

Best €6.00 ever spent.

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