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La Croisette beach

Postcard from the French Riviera

Back at the end of July, I started my vacations with a few days with the fam, down in Sainte Maxime, in the south of France. My parents have lived there for over 20 years now and even though I never felt like I really fitted, I still appreciate doing the whole French Riviera thing […]

Catedral de la Santa Creu

Barcelona: a summer postcard

I had promised cyber-dating expert and my “Twitter friend” @JulieSpira a full and detailed report on my first vacation with the #bf. After 4 happy months of juggling our overly busy work lives with our romantic life, we had found a good groove. Could five days face-to-face in a foreign city break that rhythm and […]

Postcard from Paris

The main idea behind Adventures In Heels is to seize any opportunity to see something new, whether it’s on the other side of the world or right here in my garden. When my boyfriend, on a business trip in Paris – Versailles, offered that I meet him there, I jumped on the opportunity. I have […]

Lyon | Palais de Justice Backstage

In my life, I have had some really great opportunities to do things that not many people have the chance to do. Maybe I’m just lucky. Maybe I tend to say “yes” to Life a little more than others. Maybe I (always genuinely) make the most out of my network. Whatever it is, it seems […]

Postcard from Rome

After Amsterdam and Philadelphia, my Adventures in Heels took me, this month, to the wonderful city of Rome, Italy. The occasion? Two Philly friends (one of them being Italian) were getting married in the outskirts of Rome. What better way to visit a new city than, getting together with old friends, meeting up new people […]

Postcard from Philadelphia

April was, once again, time for my bi-annual trip to the City of Brotherly Love. I left a cold and rainy Lyon at 5:30 am and made my way to Philly, via Zürich. When I landed in Philadelphia, the weather was summer-like, the trees were in bloom, the terraces were buzzing… I took a good […]

Postcard from Amsterdam

On a cold Easter weekend, three girls headed to Amsterdam by way of Bruxelles. The ugliness of their tiny (but very well located) hotel room, encouraged them to walk the city, up and down, only stopping along the way to sample the good things this city has to offer: cafés, museums, shopping and very pretty […]

Fasten your seat belts

One thing I love more than anything is to see plane (or train) tickets piling up on my desk, as as many promises of new adventures. And right now, they do… I’m happy as a clam in my new home (currently writing this post from the warmth of my bed as I watch snowflakes fly […]

Adventures in heels: Pérouges, France

It has been a great fun to have some American friends visit me last week. I’m sure you will forgive my silence, first, I was busy showing them around, eating all sorts of lyonnaise delicacies and drinking great regional wines; then I was busy trying to catch-up on all the left behind work… As part […]

Adventures in heels: Barcelona, Spain

It has been quite the stop-and-go organizing this week vacation with friends. Taking in consideration everyone’s agenda, everyone’s hopes and expectations, everyone’s past destinations… We talked about a lot of things, we made a million calls and emails to homes-for-rent, we lost some players along the way but in the end, we got it squared […]