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Cinque Terre: Friday Fun Day!

I was talking with my friend Fanny, a few weeks ago. I was telling her that I couldn’t make it to an appointment we had because I would be in Tenerife. “Oh you’re taking a vacation!” she said. “No, I’m just going to work from there for a week. For a change…” She looked at […]


How to do downtown Barcelona in 2017

When you are not born and raised Catalan, there are two ways to do downtown Barcelona: the tourist way and the nomad way. Two very different crowds that rub shoulders in the crowded streets. Sometimes wearing one hat or the other depending on who they are hanging with. I have a lot of love for […]

Annecy Lake

Annecy, Venice in the Alps

There’s something you should know about me: I have a thing for lakes. Lakes are the perfect combination in my opinion: water and mountains. How much better can it get? Well, when you visit Annecy, you might realize that by adding a beautiful old town and a few canals, a little church on the top […]

Alps - Grand Saint Bernard

Road-trip in the Alps: 1 day, 3 countries

There’s something a bit magical in the simple fact of waking-up on a crisp fall morning in the Aosta Valley, bringing your coffee out on the balcony and breathing the pure air of the Alps. The Alps in Italy We had arrived late the previous night, and had to drive the narrow road all the […]

Burgundy Cote-D'or

Playing hooky in Burgundy vineyards

As world travellers, we often tend to forget that there’s a lot to play with in our own backyard. Until someone comes for a visit and you get to introduce them to the beauty of your home base. When John was here in October, I decided to play hooky from work on a Wednesday and […]

Trello on screen

Staying on top of things with Trello

When work and travel get mixed up, digital-nomad-style, it’s easy to go overboard one way or another. Especially when you’re a part-time nomad. Organisation is key. And Trello is my favorite tool to keep things in check. On one hand, it is easy to fear that you’re not productive “enough” and that you’re being irresponsible […]

Airstream in Coos Bay

The Airstream experiment

Between a few appointments in San Francisco, CA and the World Domination Summit in Portland, OR, I decided to take my work on the road for a few days, to visit the coasts of northern California and Oregon. When you’re on the road, you need to be ready to work from pretty much any location. […]

Applecross - Stags

Applecross: the hidden gem of the Scottish Highlands

As we were enjoying a scrumptious breakfast at Catherine’s table in our beautiful BnB in Thrumster, we shared our road map with a lovely couple whom was sitting at the table. As soon as I mentioned Applecross, the man’s face lit up. “It’s such a beautiful place, you’re going to love it there. Although… which […]

2017 Paris

Paris, France – Where to… stay, eat, go.

Last update: November 2017 Of course, you want to visit Paris. And I’m talking about Paris, France. Not Paris, Texas. Turns out, I’m heading there several times a year so I’m starting to get a good hang at where to stay, where to eat and where to go. So, here’s a guide! Make sure to […]