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Lyon - quais de Saone
2018 challenge France

Only Lyon: Mad as a March hare

12 months, 12 destinations, 12 photos. iPhone only, no tricks, no material, just a little filter maybe… I will show you how beautiful the world is if you just open your eyes and step outside of your daily routine. This month, I stayed local. I’m getting a little bit of cabin fever, but I’m still in love with my city, the one and only Lyon.

Only Lyon - montée de la Grande Cote

I live on top of one of Lyon’s hills, they call it “the hill that works” (Croix-Rousse), by opposition to “the hill that prays” (Fourvière and its basilica), because of its rich history in the making of silk. It might be a little bit of a hike, on certain nights, when it’s time to come home and you’re facing one of the many stairways. But I’m in awe with the view, most mornings, when I’m heading “downtown”.

Not very long ago, I was telling you why I love Lyon and why it’s the best possible place to set a home-base when you’re a part-time nomad. I do love my city, but this winter has been taking its tow on most of us, and I can’t wait to get my butt into a train/place/car seat and hit the road.

Actually, I’m lying if I tell you that I didn’t go anywhere in March. I took a quick weekend getaway down to Sainte Maxime, on the French Riviera, to celebrate my grand-mother’s 90th birthday. It was a quick trip, a very nice family gathering, but it left no time for exploring my surroundings.

Spring has sprung though (or, at least, we hope so), and I can almost touch my upcoming tribulations:

  • London & Bath (U.K.)
  • Lake Reschen (Italy)
  • Southern Ireland

This is going to happen very fast, and as much as I love my city, I’ll be happy to say “bye bye Lyon!”

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