On being a vagabond

Hi, I’m Audrey! I’m a vagabond.


Vagabond: a person who has no home and usually no job, and who travels from place to place.

That’s what they say in the Cambridge Dictionary. But that’s not my definition.

In my terms, you know you’re a vagabond when:

  • You have a home but that doesn’t mean it’s where you need to be at all times.
  • Your job is not tying you down to a particular chair or a particular place.
  • You like looking above your computer screen and seeing different (and preferably inspiring) sceneries.

So are you a vagabond? Or maybe a vagabond-wanabee? Or simply curious about those people who have reclaimed their freedom to live and work from anywhere? Whoever you are. You are welcome here.

Some people call us “Digital Nomads” but those are often described as living “on the road” and piling up into fancy co-working spaces in Bali or Indonesia. I’m not one of those. I have a home in France, and a cat. I teach in “real” schools and do clients meeting face-to-face with them, not always on Skype. I usually joke that I am just a part-time digital nomad.

The purpose of this site is to give you an insider look into the vagabond lifestyle. What is possible. The perks. The headaches. And, of course, showing you some great destinations along the way.

On becoming a vagabond

I spent most of my life working in an office. In Lyon, France, first, and for a while in Philadelphia, PA, USA. My job as a marketing executive allowed me to travel for work and I was always happy to pack my bags: Switzerland, Germany, Hong Kong, Guatemala, and all around the U.S.: Colorado, Florida, Arizona, Massachusetts… you name it. I would go and sit in an office or a meeting room, sometimes be shipped on touristic tours with a bunch of co-workers. So, yes, I did see a lot but I didn’t feel like I was seeing anything.

In 2008, I launched my first business. My goal was to become location independent. I opened a web-marketing agency: my laptop + a WiFi connection and I was good to go. I could work from wherever. Turns out, the “wherever” for the first few years was mostly a variety of Philadelphia’s coffee-shops and the occasional escape to New York City or Washington.

It’s only when I moved back to France, in 2012, that I realized the full potential of this lifestyle. On one hand, I tied myself up to a city and a schedule by working with business schools, but on another, I understood that the nomadic experience was also really fun and really inspiring when done on short burst. A week in Hamburg? Sign-me up! Another one in Tenerife? I’m in! It is always wonderful, but, you know what: I’m always happy to come home to my kitty-cat.

Kitty Boom Boom

Now, I have found a good balance between a steady income and a homey lifestyle, and trips to exotic destinations, living the nomadic life. Do I have it all? Most of the time, I like to think so. If you don’t find me in Lyon, France, teaching (preaching as I like to call it) young minds the ins and outs of business strategy, I’m probably somewhere in the world being inspired and writing away!

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