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London: April showers bring May flowers

12 months, 12 destinations, 12 photos. iPhone only, no tricks, no material, just a little filter maybe… I will show you how beautiful the world is if you just open your eyes and step outside of your daily routine. I am very late, it’s already June and I still need to tell you about April and May. And what better than London to illustrate the month of rain showers?

London Bridge

I have always been comfortable in cities. They speak to me. I get them. I navigate them easily. I understand their logic.

Except for London.

The British capital always remained somewhat obscure. For the longest time I didn’t get its structure. Truth is, I never gave myself a real opportunity to do so. I always visited London for a couple of days here, an overnight stay there, and mostly hang out in the heart of zone one, with the rest of the tourist crowd.

A few months ago, my friend Flavia decided that London was going to be her next adventure. And after sending her off from Paris, I immediately scheduled to visit her as soon as possible. This is where I got to experiment a new face of London: the bearded, bike-riding, vintage boutique shopping one…

From Hackney, to Peckham and by way of Shoreditch, the hipster side of London is no longer classified. The formula is simple, really: a vintage boutique, a barber shop, a wine bar, a coffee-shop, a vintage boutique, a barber shop, a wine bar, a coffee-shop,… and repeat… An absolut dream for the practice of street photography.

From London, I took a train to posh Bath, followed by funky Bristol, two very different experiences of the British lifestyle. As much as I enjoyed looking over the Mendips from the tower hill of Glastonbury, it didn’t compare, in my books, to the stunning wilderness of the Yorkshire Dales.

Now it was time to practice my driving left and right for the Alps and Ireland road-trip coming up in May.

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