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One thing I love more than anything is to see plane (or train) tickets piling up on my desk, as as many promises of new adventures. And right now, they do…
I’m happy as a clam in my new home (currently writing this post from the warmth of my bed as I watch snowflakes fly out my window) but the traveling bug is never going to leave me, so I’m looking at a few month of moving around before summer sets in…


I will be visiting my family in South of France. They’re the reason why I moved back to France, so I’m making a point of going there a few times a year. My father will be fishing somewhere in Senegal (guess where the traveling gene is coming from…) but I’ll get to spend some time with my grand’ma and with the little munchkins. And, in those moments, I really know that I made the right decision coming back.


You can take the girl out of Philly but you can’t take Philly out of the girl… And twice a year, the girl has to come and reconnect: for a couple of weeks, I’ll have a chance to live in my old home with my favorite roommate ever, I’ll sit down at coffee shops for hours on, I’ll drink in restaurants and eat in bars, I’ll have lots of diner food and breakfast sandwiches, I’ll go out dancing and I’ll walk around the my city spending quality time with the people I miss so much…

And, on my last night there, I’ll have the privilege to be a judge on Dancing With The Philadelphia Stars, a fundraiser that has been dear to my heart for many years. Who can ask for a best way to end my visit?


It is not completely final yet, but a friend and I are looking into doing a little girls weekend in London. I have heard that A Chorus Line was performing at the Palladium and since it’s my favorite musical, it would be a great chance to see it there.

But also, while staying in Lyon, I am expecting that month the visit of one of my Philly friend. And that’s the best. Having my worlds collide and sharing my daily life here with the people from my daily life there.


Expect a real Adventure In Heels that month as I’m heading to Rome, Italy for my friends’ wedding. I have never been to Rome and it will be a perfect opportunity to spend a few days roaming around the city. I’m also looking forward to taking a solo-trip there. As much as I love sharing my travels with friends, there’s no better way to discover a place that visiting it alone. Plus the journey will end, with many Philly friends getting together in the outskirts of the city and celebrating love and happiness. Again, who can ask for a better way to end that trip?

So, I know I have been very lazy keeping this blog up to date lately, and I apologize. But I promise you’ll have some great stories coming up very soon… Stay tuned!

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