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Dream Destinations | Update

Last year in March, I made a list of the 10 places I wanted to travel to now that I was able to roam the world again. A year and a half later, one of them is becoming a reality (there will be a Postcard from Greece in October) as for the rest…

Mont Saint Michel: It seems that people in France are seeing it as a destination for senior citizens and no one is very excited when I’m suggesting a road trip toward Normandy. Turns out also that some European destinations are more exciting and cheaper overall… I hope this one doesn’t have to stay on the list until I qualify as a senior citizen myself!

Venice: A perfect love-birds destination. Now that I have found the love-bird, I have no excuse left, have I?

Ireland: The French definition of “vacation” (at least in my circle of friends) summarizes as “beach, sunny, booze…” Ireland only scores one point on those 3 categories, again, hard to motivate the crowds.

Greece: Only a month away from an Athens-Santorini girly escapade… Stay tuned!

Alhambra Palace/Granada: That means I would need to push my visits to Spain further south than Barcelona? Do they still serve tapas & sangria in Granada?

U.S. Road Trip: That means I would need to travel further west than Philadelphia? I guess I can do that, would just need some serious planning and time commitment.

San Francisco: I almost made it there in August, but ended-up in Barcelona (ahh the sweet taste of tapas & sangria…) Now that I think of it, I might be able to couple that with the above destination.

Dominican Republic: I thought about it for New Year’s Eve, but my friends will be in Europe. Not much fun without them there. Back to the drawing board for 2014 maybe.

Hawaii: The islands lost a lot of their appeal since Vicki died a year ago. But she loved them very much so it would mean the world to me to follow her steps to Maui.

Buenos Aires / Patagonia / Chile: THE DREAM trip. Still here as a dream. Maybe I should start playing the lottery…

It’s a great feeling to look back at how much I traveled in the past year and half and to look forward to all that world I still have to visit… My passport is ready. World, hold on, I’m coming!

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