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Destinations: Where to next?

It has been several months now that I came back from Argentina. It took me a while to “land”… to stop smiling when I think about where I was and what I saw. One of those destinations definitely worth the investment, if only for the side-effects. But everything, however good they are, must end. And my Argentina-high have crashed and burned.

So. The question rises: where to next?

My upcoming plans were revolving around Eastern Europe: Serbia with my friend Sherry in June and then Czech Republic in August/September with Kristie (ROAD TRIP!!!) Well, turns out the June plan is falling through the cracks and I’m longing for new adventures…

Once upon a time I had 10 dream destinations on my bucket list. In the “checked” category we have Greece and Patagonia… Not much. In the “still up in the air” category we have Mont Saint Michel, Venice, Ireland, Granada, a U.S. road trip, San Francisco, Dominican Republic and Hawaii. And I keep wanting to add more.

My new Dream Destinations


Montenegro – Photo Credit: Tony Eveling/Alamy

Of course, as any Game of Throne fan, I have to go visit Dubrovnik, however, I’m mostly interested in trekking around the Montenegro coast and make my way through the Kotor Gulf and the Lovcen National Park, and all the way to the Skadar lake for a boat trip.

Estimated budget: €1,200.00 for 8 days


Isle of Skye
Isle of Skye – Photo Credit: National Geographic

The wilderness of Scottish Highlands and the island of Skye have an incredibly magnetic charm. The way I see it: a few days to visit Edinburgh and its surroundings and then off to the north-west and into the wild. Whether it is the Loch Lomond banks, the Ben Nevis mountain and though the West Highland Way the only way to end a hike being a good glass of Scotch whisky. How not to be enthused by this idea…

Estimated budget: € 3,100.00 for 15 days


Kerry Lande
Kerry Lande – Photo Credit: Unknown

This one is standing strong, but it makes sense, doesn’t it. Look at those pictures, can you guess what my “type” is… Easier to define for a countryside than it is for a man, this had to be said. Ireland has been on my list since I watched The Commitments, back in 1991. But today, it’s much less Dublin that I’m yearning for than the Kerry county, the Killarney National Park, the Iveragh peninsula… Still craving a thick Guinness though.

Estimated budget: € 1,500.00 for 8 days


Maldives – Photo Credit: Unknown

Always expect the unexpected… With all these mountains and wilderness, I’m still able to shoot a nice white-sand beach your way. And since Hawaii lost a lot of its appeal after Vicki passed, I’m shifting my gears east and into the Indian Ocean all the way to the Maldive archipelago. Snorkeling, blue lagoons and peaceful beaches… I could use a little bit of that, couldn’t you?

Estimated budget: € 2,500.00 for 10 days

Atacama Desert

Atacama desert
Atacama desert – Photo Credit: Unknown

In Argentina I met Cristobal. Cristobal is from Chile. While we visited the southern part of his country, and the beautiful Torres Del Paine National Park, Cristobal was telling me tales of the North. And pulling me into the mysterious Atacama desert, known to be the driest non-polar desert in the world. The haunting images on Cristobal’s phone are persisting memories and I can’t help but finding there my excuse to go back.

Estimated budget: € 4,500.00 for 12 days

So, now… where to next? What do you think? Who’s coming?

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