Summer adventures: 5 destination ideas

This morning, one of my fellow Travel Junkie asked for a recommendation for some summer adventures destination ideas: “I’m going to have 2 weeks in July to do some solo traveling. I’m looking for off-the-beaten path location ideas/recommendations good for solo travelers. I’m fairly well traveled and would like to go somewhere new. Anyone have any ideas of […]


Remote co-working: one week in Italy

People are often teasing me: you’re always on vacation! Actually, not. Really, I’m always working… Back in September I went for a week of remote co-working in Tuscany. And although some of the participants were more in a vacation mood, we really got some work done. So, how does this remote co-working go? It’s easy. […]

Travel plans: on the 2018 horizon

2017 was a wonderful year of travels. I covered 17 destinations, in France, in Europe and across the Atlantic ocean. But after ringing the New Year yesterday, it is time now to look at the 2018 travel plans. Where should I go this year? I have a few destinations on my bucket list. Some more […]

2017 in 17 destinations

One of my objective for 2017 was to travel more. To add this little bit of “official” in my traveling. Earlier in the year, I wasn’t sure how, I wasn’t sure what, I wasn’t sure for whom. But I had this odd feeling that I had to organize my traveling better, to have more purpose […]

Trello on screen

Staying on top of things with Trello

When work and travel get mixed up, digital-nomad-style, it’s easy to go overboard one way or another. Especially when you’re a part-time nomad. Organisation is key. And Trello is my favorite tool to keep things in check. On one hand, it is easy to fear that you’re not productive “enough” and that you’re being irresponsible […]

Isle of Skye

Destinations: Where to next?

It has been several months now that I came back from Argentina. It took me a while to “land”… to stop smiling when I think about where I was and what I saw. One of those destinations definitely worth the investment, if only for the side-effects. But everything, however good they are, must end. And […]


Dream Destinations | Update

Last year in March, I made a list of the 10 places I wanted to travel to now that I was able to roam the world again. A year and a half later, one of them is becoming a reality (there will be a Postcard from Greece in October) as for the rest… Mont Saint Michel: […]