Granadilla de Abona

Tenerife: one week of remote co-working

When comes December, the weather in Lyon has been on the grey side for a couple of months already, and there’s nothing like packing up our lives and offices for a week (or more) of sunshine before heading toward Holiday season. For the second year in a row, Charlotte and I have been joining the […]

Scotland Sauces

A taste of Scotland: from Scottish breakfast to Haggis

Myth: you will not eat well when traveling through Scotland. One cannot be more wrong. I’ll give you that, there’s so much “bad press” around Haggis that you might fear a little bit the Scottish national dish. Fear not, unless you’re a hardcore vegetarian, it’s really not insurmountable. Personally, I had a blast tasting all […]


Geneva – uncovered

When you think about Geneva, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Be honest. Banks? United Nations and Red Cross? Watches? Chocolate? Truth is, for the longest time, so did I. And it wasn’t a destination high on my list. I found it a little subdued and boring. And atrociously expensive for the […]

Pontremoli, Tuscany

The other Tuscany: no Firenze, Pisa or Sienna here!

I often notice how people tend to forget that France is not limited to Paris. You know how much I enjoy discovering all the beauty my own country has to offer, from Burgundy, to the Alps or the incredible fairy tales lands of the South West. Recently, I also wrote a whole article about traveling off […]


How to do downtown Barcelona in 2017

When you are not born and raised Catalan, there are two ways to do downtown Barcelona: the tourist way and the nomad way. Two very different crowds that rub shoulders in the crowded streets. Sometimes wearing one hat or the other depending on who they are hanging with. I have a lot of love for […]

Alps - Grand Saint Bernard

Road-trip in the Alps: 1 day, 3 countries

There’s something a bit magical in the simple fact of waking-up on a crisp fall morning in the Aosta Valley, bringing your coffee out on the balcony and breathing the pure air of the Alps. The Alps in Italy We had arrived late the previous night, and had to drive the narrow road all the […]

Applecross - Stags

Applecross: the hidden gem of the Scottish Highlands

As we were enjoying a scrumptious breakfast at Catherine’s table in our beautiful BnB in Thrumster, we shared our road map with a lovely couple whom was sitting at the table. As soon as I mentioned Applecross, the man’s face lit up. “It’s such a beautiful place, you’re going to love it there. Although… which […]

Dornoch No Parking

Dornoch: peace, quiet and mindfulness

Since I came back from Patagonia, my thirst for the great outdoors have been endless. And that was the primary motivation for this May trip to Scotland. Dornoch was our first pit-stop on the North Coast 500. Lately, I have been pretty serious about making the right choices. And that was entirely part of the […]

Take me to church

Oh Italy… You have really stolen my heart. Your food. Your sun rising on the Amalfi Coast. Your Aperol Spritz. Your food. Your smiles on everyone’s face. Your churches. Your food. Wait, the churches are what I was planning on talking about today… I’ll keep food for another post. Even though, as you can witness, […]

Italian adventures: A taste of Sicily

Italy has won many of my traveling destinations hesitations… Berlin or Rome? Rome! Eastern Europe or Southern Italy? Well, Italy. Not that I’m not planning on visiting Berlin or Eastern Europe anytime soon, but the mood always seems to be craving sunshine, gorgeous sceneries and dishes made of fresh grilled fish and melt-in-the mouth veggies […]