Coos Bay, Oregon

Welcome to Oregon

In the summer of 2017, I decided to drive the Pacific Coast, from San Francisco, CA to Portland, OR. The first leg of this journey took me to Eureka, CA, through the incredible sceneries of the Avenue of the Giants and other huge trees that you can literally drive thru. Leaving Eureka, I’m about to […]

Humboldt Redwoods State Park

Desperately seeking the avenue of the giants

As many of my trips lately, it all started with a photo I stumbled upon somewhere between Pinterest and Instagram. Huge sequoia trees framing an empty road. Immensity and freedom. All I could think of was: I want that. And I want that loneliness with it. A little more research brought me to two cues: […]

Minerve France

Carcassonne: It’ll be a long day in January

12 months, 12 destinations, 12 photos. iPhone only, no tricks, no material, just a little filter maybe… I will show you how beautiful the world is if you just open your eyes and step outside of your daily routine. Let’s kick off this new series with the long month of January that started in Carcassonne, France. […]