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2017 in 17 destinations

One of my objective for 2017 was to travel more. To add this little bit of “official” in my traveling. Earlier in the year, I wasn’t sure how, I wasn’t sure what, I wasn’t sure for whom. But I had this odd feeling that I had to organize my traveling better, to have more purpose and to start going places… Ok, I went places before, but, in 2017 I decided to tackle my travel bucket list once again.

You know what, overall it was a pretty good traveling year. And it’s time to look back at the 17 destinations of 2017 before starting planning for 2018.

From discovering my own backyard to exploring new playgrounds

I had set a few intentions with my travel this year. The first one was to be more curious about all the wonders that surround me in France. Some of them are as close as my own backyard and only require to play hooky for a day. Which I gleefully did. I had blocked out one day a month, in the end, I only sneaked out three times. All three of them exploring the northern side of Lyon: Beaujolais and Burgundy.

Cluny, Burgundy, February 2017
Oingt, Beaujolais, March 2017
Burgundy Cote-D'or
Route des Vins, Burgundy, October 2017

One night stands

My “one night stands” are generally professional. And they repeat several times a year. Nothing sexual there, of course. Simply client meetings that take me places. And I like it!

This year, I had the opportunity to roam around Paris four times (including a day-trip) and I flew to Toulouse five times (hello miles on my Flying Blue account). I also indulged in a fun “glamping” birthday weekend in the Beaujolais and a girly weekend in Geneva as summer was coming to an end.

Paris, January, June, November & December 2017
Blagnac 2017
Blagnac, February, April, July, October & November 2017
Glamping in Beaujolais
Beaujolais, August 2017
Geneva, August 2017
Geneva, August 2017

Alone or in group, two-nights away are always a breath of fresh air

It’s one of my favorite format of travel: one specific destination for two nights. I generally don’t go very far but it’s often enough to enjoy what the location as to offer. In 2017, I had the opportunity to try the two-nights things different ways: solo, duo (Annecy & the Alps with John) or in a large group (Chamrousse). All options have their charms. And, of course, there are the seven trips to Sainte Maxime to visit my family…

Regarding the solo thing, 2017 was also the year when I decided to give solo-traveling a new chance. I started myself easy with a couple of two-nighters in Perigord Noir and in Reims, before jumping head first into a solo road-trip in July… but more on that later.

Chamrousse, January 2017
Sainte-Maxime, February, March, May, June, August, November & December 2017
Sarlat, Perigord Noir, April 2017
Reims, June 2017
Annecy the Alps
Annecy & the Alps, October 2017

Away we go!

And for my favorite part, the part where I actually get to wake-up in a different time-zone, hear a different language or spend a different money… There were five trips outside of France this year. Four in Europe and one in the U.S. Two of them (Scotland & USA // San Francisco – Portland – Philadelphia) checked stuff off my bucket list (including a solo road trip from San Francisco to Portland). Two (Tuscany & Tenerife) were fun co-working weeks. And one, in Barcelona, participated in my most unexpected event of 2017: reconnecting with John and creating The Vagabond Monkey.

Scotland, May 2017
Sunset Bay
Sunset Bay, Oregon, July 2017
Lucca, Tuscany
Lucca, Tuscany, September 2017
Barcelona, October 2017
Tenerife, Canaries islands, December 2017

It’s about time to start planning 2018 now. John and I are taking you to Ireland, in May, if you’re interested in getting your inner photographer in motion… And for the rest, stay tuned!

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